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Risk Management Consulting

A major interest of our team is putting together the development of superior strategies, products of insurance companies and the comprehensive range of services needed by today’s business management as they plan for financial and risk stability in their day-to-day operations.

Our mission is to help you develop and implement a responsive, effective and long term risk management strategy.

We accomplish this task by addressing several key areas

  • Assessment and in-depth analysis of risks & exposures
  • Review and evaluation of current insurers’ benefits, terms and conditions
  • Identification of the most cost-effective program to obtain the risk management services that most suites your needs
  • Evaluation of services provided by current insurers
  • Assessment of current insurers and reinsures’ own retentions and ratings
  • Recommendations, suggestions and solutions
  • Implementation of a program that brings utmost financial protection
  • Help you obtain proposal form from one or more insurers
  • Help you benefit from the competitive “Buyer’s Market” to achieve optimal coverage at the best competitive price
  • Help you compare between two or more different insurance proposals knowing that limits, terms & conditions may differ from one insurer to another
  • Provide you with analysis report of conclusions and recommendations
  • Help you deal successfully & efficiently with doing business abroad within the Middle East & worldwide by providing security to your investments and protection against financial losses should you found to be at fault
  • Help you ensure the best and most effective claims service from the insurers through review of claims procedures and assistance in claims settlement
  • Help you achieve a track record program to control your claims in a way of controlling insurance premiums at renewal
  • Provide you with continuing advice and counseling to make sure your insurance program addresses your changing needs
  • Jewellery Traders
  • Advertising & Media Agencies
  • Commercial Traders
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants & Pubs
  • Contractors
  • Schools

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