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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Whether you are self-employed, a small company of 4 to 25 employees or larger organization of more than 100 employees, your manpower is your company’s most valuable asset.  Protecting your employees’ health makes good commercial and economic sense.

We can offer you a wide variety of Employee Benefits package specially designed and tailored to your company’s employee benefits needs.

Employee Benefits Insurance is a provision by the employer for the economic and social welfare of employees.  This type of insurance has become an important factor of success to most businesses across the Middle East and worldwide simply because it:

  • Helps employer attract, recruit and retain the most qualified employees and keep them motivated
  • Minimizes losses incurred from sick leaves
  • Helps improve productivity and efficiency
  • Provides employees the peace of mind they deserve

Our Employee Benefits Program extends far beyond what others provide.  We aim to provide you with the right program to fit your business specific requirements with the assistance of our professional team and the support of multinational insurers.


  • Healthcare insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Dental Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance including death, permanent total disability & permanent partial disability
  • Pension Plan

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